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【Publication】Effect of ceria addition on NiRu/CeO2Al2O3 catalysts in

  • 2017.10.2

Effect of ceria addition on NiRu/CeO2Al2O3 catalysts in steam reforming of acetic acid
Jianglong Pu, Fumiaki Ikegami, Katsuki Nishikado, Eika W.Qian

NiRu bimetallic catalysts with different amount of CeO2 loaded on the γ-Al2O3 support were prepared. The properties of catalysts were characterized by means of N2 adsorption-desorption, XRD, H2-TPR and XPS techniques. Catalytic activities for the steam reforming of acetic acid over these catalysts were investigated at the temperature range from 650 °C to 750 °C. The addition of CeO2 dramatically improved the activity and stability of the catalyst. Among these catalysts, the NiRu/10CeAl catalyst showed the highest catalytic activity as well as a good stability owing to the abundant Ce3+ on the surface of catalyst. The existence of Ce3+ promoted the formation of CO2 from CO because of the mobilizable oxygen, which was favorable for the formation of hydrogen. The coke amount and species deposited on the catalysts after the activity tests were analyzed by DTG. As expected, the NiRu/10CeAl catalyst showed the best resistance to carbon formation. The temperature stepwise steam decoking experiment of the spent catalysts was conducted to elucidate the relationship between the existence of Ce3+ and the decoking abilities of various catalysts. It was verified that the existence of Ce3+ significantly promoted the decoking abilities of the catalysts.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 42, Issue 31, 3 August 2017, Pages 19733-19743